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Wouter Davidts Lecture - 'The Corner Show' - 1pm 14.09.16

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Visiting fellow Wouter Davidts will present the lecture " The Corner Show" at 1pm on Wednesday 14th September in the School of Architecture Social Space, level.3, Zelman Cowan Building, Building 51.

Corners are everywhere: not only rooms have corners, but so do streets, objects, paintings, screens and pages. Corners are among the many modes of delineation that enclose space and demarcate routes, that increase or delimit areas of possibility. They epitomize the different ways in which structures and systems at once foster and limit our movements or actions in daily experience. Questions about the space, function and figure of the corner appear in a variety of artistic and architectural practices. ‘Untitled (Corner Piece)’ (1964), by Robert Morris has become a key work in the art history of the past decades. As it occupied an exceptional space in the traditional gallery, it became a reference for the spatial strategies developed by artists after Minimalism, and for the manifold ‘corner pieces’ artists have produced ever since.