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Working with Fryer Library

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Work on moving the archive of Queensland architect Robin Gibson to the University of Queensland began yesterday. Janina Gosssye, Donald Watson and Deborah van der Plaat from ATCH were joined by Simon Farley and Penny Whiteway from Fryer Library to begin the process of transferring the drawings to archival folders and documenting the collection. The collection is currently stored on the Gibson property at Kalbar, Queensland and will be gifted to Fryer library in early 2017. In semester 2, 2016,  van der Plaat and Gosseye will be running a research selective on Gibson for the MArch Course and students will work on the documentation of the collection. With Donald Watson and John Macarthur they are working towards a major exhibition on Gibson at the University of Queensland Art Musuem and edited book in 2018. For more information, contact Deborah van der Plaat or Janina Gossye.