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Tropical Variety and Queensland Architecture (1850–1914): Building Better Understandings of the Culture of Architecture and Climate Change

Team: Project Timeframe: 2014 -

Western ideals of beauty have often been bound to an image of the natural world. Tropical climates and the physical environments they produced were also often seen to be degenerative to the creative impulse. In the mid-nineteenth century, in response to scientific exploration and the colonial experience, European ideals of beauty shifted their points of reference from temperate to tropical environments. Investigating architectural design in 19th century Queensland, the project seeks to understand how English theories on creative invention responded when transplanted into a tropical setting. The research will have significance in understanding Queensland’s history and the cultural corollaries of climate and environmental science. Documenting cultural products of climate change, the research will also complement emerging UQ research strengths in Climate Change and Architecture and Culture.

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