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Tino Mager

Tino is an active researcher in the field of digital cultural heritage at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft, a niche UQ partner and top 3 architecture faculty in the QS Global World Ranking.  Tino is currently working as a postdoc on the ArchiMediaL-project exploring the implementation of artificial intelligence in architectural research.  The project investigates the possibilities of artificial intelligence use in architectural historical research.  It involves collaboration between architectural historians and computer scientists from TU Delft, VU Amsterdam and HafenCity University Hamburg, to develop methods and tools for the automated recognition of buildings and the resulting linking of various archives and image data.  The development of artificial intelligence as an architectural research tool is of particular benefit for work currently being conducted within the School and the broader architectural profession.

While at ATCH Tino will undertake research on: “Adding deepness: Digital cultural heritage beyond the state of affairs.

Tino's visit is from 30 September 2019 – 10 November

Year Visited: 2019