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Sven Sterken

Sven Sterken obtained a masters in architectural engineering and a PhD in architectural history with a dissertation on the composer and architect Iannis Xenakis. An associate professor at the KU Leuven, his current research deals with modern parish churches which he studies from both an architectural historical and heritage point of view. He focuses in particular on how Roman Catholic dioceses dealt with the massive suburbanization of post-war cities and what role the resulting religious infrastructure can play today in a context of rapidly decreasing church attendance. During his stay in Brisbane he will study the archives of Archbishop James Duhig (1871-1965), known as ‘James the Builder’ since he raised finance for no less than 400 church buildings during his tenure. In particular, he will study this impressive building campaign in the light of the competition with other Christian denominations and how it shaped the current cityscape of Brisbane.


Sven will be visiting ATCH from 31st July - 31st August 2018

Year Visited: 2018