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Saving the Village in China

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Xiaoxin Zhao joined ATCH as a Research Higher Degree student two months ago. He is working with Kelly Greenop and John Macarthur on the heritage and preservation of the village in Southeast China and the value of digital scanning in the documentation of these sites.

Xiaoxin started his architectural training in 2007 and completed a B.Arch and M.Arch degree in China. During his Master’s study, under the supervision of Professor Chen Zhao from Nanjing University, Xiaoxin worked on design problems focused on the rural areas of Fujian. His master thesis modeled the development of the Chinese Timber pavilion from prototype to regional variants though computer modeling diagrams.

Xiaoxin is interested in adaptive reuse, urban renewal and vernacular architecture and that has lead to his PhD research topic.

His PhD research considers Cultural Tourism, Heritage Management, Morphology and Adaptive Reuse in rural villages in China. Employing interdisciplinary methods, he seeks to identify new strategies that will both maintain village life in Southern China but also drive employment and fund improved infrastructure. The new 3D scanner Zebedee will be used to record the morphology of the village and as an interpretative tool. The study will produce new heritage policies for the rural village in China.