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Paul Dielemans

Email: p.dielemans@uq.edu.au

Paul has recently begun his PhD candidature at the University of Queensland under the supervision of Deborah van der Plaat & Janina Gosseye, members of the Research Centre for Architecture | Theory | Criticism |History (ATCH). His research aims to document the school and church-school buildings designed by Frank Cullen for the Catholic Church in Interwar to Post-War Queensland tracing the evolution in their design and style and examine correlations with educational policy. The project will significant, as it will document the role of the Catholic Church in the dissemination of modernism in Australia and parts of regional Queensland. After receiving his B.Sc.(Hons.) a 30year-plus career in the gold mining industry as a geologist and environmental scientist led Paul to work throughout Indonesia, PNG, and Australia. He has also obtained a M.Sc. and a Postgrad. Dip. in Mineral Resources (Env.) furthering his unique understanding of the “architecture and materiality” of the Earth. A Diploma in Digital Imaging has enabled him to reincarnate himself as an architectural photographer (accredited with the AIPP).
Project: Moderately Modern: The Catholic School Designs of Frank Cullen