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Out of Place

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Out of Place (Gwalia): Occasional Essays on Australian Regional Communities and Built Environments in Transition
Edited by Philip Goldswain, Nicole Sully, and William Taylor
University of Western Australia Press, 2014
Paperback, 304 pages, ISBN: 9781742585543

This collection of essays explores historical, geographical and cultural factors that contribute to our understanding of places and settings of Australian transient communities. From Gwalia and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, Charters Towers in Queensland and Queenstown in Tasmania, the places provide opportunity to revisit sites of history from the different angles of architecture, landscape theory, social history and visual arts. They also provide a springboard for thinking through the pressing issues for of contemporary Australians and counterparts in other ‘post-settler’ societies.


Introduction to Australian places, place-making and the politics of displacement in a transient society
William M. Taylor

  1. ‘Public photographs’: A serial representation of Kalgoorlie, 1893–1903
    Philip Goldswain
  2. The moral economy of prefabrication: The curious case of the Brown Hill Mine building and Kalgoorlie Health Laboratory, c.1899–1923
    William M. Taylor
  3. Burning the bastards out: The destruction of Yugoslav homes on the Boulder lease, 1934
    Criena Fitzgerald
  4. From lords of creation to petticoat dominions: The place of women during the gold rush of 1851
    Clarissa Ball
  5. ‘The World’ and Charters TowersGold, stock exchanges and the electric telegraph in the first era of globalisation
    John Macarthur
  6. Mining, place and propriety in Queenstown: Architectural propriety and belonging in social and environmental contexts
    Stuart King
  7. On the edge of beyond: Mining and painting the Australian landscape
    Nicole Sully
  8. Designing way out: Shay Gap and the ‘living laboratory’ of the 1970s
    Lee Stickells
  9. Back to the future: FIFO, mining and urbanisation in Australia
    Mathew Aitchison