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Maryam Fayyaz

Email: maryamfayyaz@gmail.com

Maryam is former lecturer at the School of Architecture, University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan. She was recipient of prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in 2009 for MS in Architecture at Pratt Institute, NY, where she investigated the fusion of cutting edge technologies with humans in the not so far future. The project proposed a system of data vessels (DVs) as working interfaces that enclose an inhabitable space inside activated by the user who can browse and navigate data in a 3D immersive environment. Together they form a field that exhibit a communal behavior, make clusters and implicate the social behavior of a networked society. Always interested in the history/theory of Modern Art and Architecture, Maryam is here to investigate the works of Edwin H Oribin in the perspective of Australian Modernism developed by the infusion of Ideas flowing from America and Europe of that time. Oribin was born in Cairns in 1927 and undertook a wide range of architectural works in North Queensland from 1953 to 1979. Four of his projects are now listed in the Heritage Register of Queensland and there is an award in this name given by the Australian Institute of Architects for the Far North Queensland region. This project will analyze grid and pattern recognition specifically in the plan form and will give comparative analysis of his work with Bruce Goff and Frank Lloyd Wright with whom he was deeply inspired. Also, the influence of Japanese architecture on all three of them will be studied in light of the projects undertaken.
Project: Grid and Pattern Recognition in the Works of Edwin H Oribin: a Significant Northern Queensland Architect