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Le Corbusier and Australia

Team: Project Timeframe: 2010 - Present

This project identifies a series of instances in which the modernist architect Le Corbusier (1887–1965) was in contact with architects, individuals, and institutions in Australia, as well as examining the critical reception of Le Corbusier’s work in the Antipodes. Drawing on initial findings from preliminary research, the study uses archives in Australia and abroad to explore new dimensions in the career, sources, and influence of one of the twentieth century’s most famous architects. These instances and Le Corbusier’s reception offer original insight into major debates in the history of modern architecture in Australia and internationally. The project adds to knowledge of the Australian reception of European modernism, and may also claim a place for Australia and Australian figures in the development of Le Corbusier’s modernism.

Related Publications: 
  • Conference Publications

    Moulis, Antony (2015). Architecture in translation: Le Corbusier’s influence in Australia. In: Le Corbusier: 50 years later. Le Corbusier: 50 years later, Valencia, Spain, (1544-1552). 18-20 November 2015. doi:10.4995/LC2015.2015.752

    Moulis, Antony,  For Sydney: On Utzon, Le Corbusier and art for the Sydney Opera House,” Imagining: The 27th annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, Newcastle, 2010.

    Journal Articles

    Moulis, Antony,  “A modern exemplar: Le Corbusier’s Adelaide drawing, urbanism and the Chandigarh plan,” Journal of Architecture, 17/6 (2012), 871-887.

    Moulis, Antony,  “A night at the Opera,” AA Files, 64 (Spring 2012), 108-111.

    Utzon Le Corbusier Tapestry

    Research by Antony Moulis lead to the purchase of the Utzon Le Corbusier Tapestry by Sydney Opera House. http://atch.architecture.uq.edu.au/research-antony-moulis-leads-purchase-le-corbusier-tapestry  

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