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Janina Gosseye returns to ATCH as UQ Postdoctoral Fellow

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Dr. Janina Gosseye returns to ATCH as UQ Postdoctoral Fellow

ATCH welcomes Janina Gosseye as a UQ Postdoctoral Fellow to undertake research on Shopping Centre's in Australia.

This research puts forward the hypothesis that when shopping centres were first introduced in Australia they were not merely regarded as commercial infrastructure, but also seen as ‘community facilities’ and that the designs of the shopping centres built in Australia between 1945 and 1973 thus express the desire to generate social interaction and instil modern behaviour. The research will relate discourse on the development of shopping centres in post-war Australia to the contemporary (international) discourse on architecture and urbanism, particularly regarding the introduction of shopping centres in Western Europe. It will also investigate the effect that the introduction of the shopping centre in post-war Australia had on the country’s urban and suburban development, both in spatial and social terms, and document typological variations that occurred (both geographically and chronologically).