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Jørn Utzon's Le Corbusier tapestry has been unveiled at the Sydney Opera House

Friday, 8 April 2016

The tapestry, Les Dés Sont Jetés by Le Corbusier, was commissioned by Jørn Utzon as part of his vision for the interior of the Sydney Opera House. Following Utzon's departure from the project in 1966 and Le Corbusier's death in 1965 his vision was never realised. 

The 6.5-square-metre wool tapestry remained in the Utzon family home until it was acquired by the Sydney Opera House in 2015. The acquisition followed research by Antony Moulis and has finally be unveiled in the Western Foyer of the Sydney Opera House.

More information is available through this video by the Sydney Opera House and two news articles (ABC News and Daily Telegraph) about the recent unveiling of the tapestry.