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Housing for Adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Health Challenges: Assessing the Mantle Apartments Model

  • Prof. Lynda Cheshire
  • Dr. Kelly Greenop
  • Dr. Lynda Shevellar
  • Associate Prof. Naomi Stead
  • Ms Laura Cox (UQ Sociology)
Project Timeframe: 2015 - 2016

Funded by: Wesley Mission Brisbane 

This research examined the effectiveness of a new model of purpose-designed, supported accommodation for adults with severe and persistent mental health issues.The two-stage research project interviewed tenants and their families before (in 2015) and after (in 2016) tenants moved into their new homes. This gathered their subjective expectations and experiences, and interviews with the support workers and architects provided additional perspectives. The research aimed to provide Wesley Mission Queensland with information as to the strengths of this innovative model of accommodation to aid in refining future projects.

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    Cheshire, L., Cox, L., Greenop, K., Shevellar, L. and Stead, N. (2016) Housing for adults with severe and persistent mental health challenges: Assessing the Mantle Apartments model.

    A final report highlighting the findings of the research project was submitted to Wesley Mission Centre in February 2017. 


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