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Hot and Bothered Film Competition

In conjunction with the State Library of Queensland and the Hot Modernism Exhibition, Hot and Bothered -- Save Modern Queensland invites you to submit a 3-minute film on a mid-century modern building in Queensland that you love.

Putting the terms 'modern architecture' and 'heritage' together suggests for many an oxymoron. This is particularly true in Queensland. Even though there is no reason why a twentieth century building should be considered less 'historically significant' than its eighteenth or nineteenth century counterpart, our mid-century modern is increasingly lost to new development, torn down with little public comment or debate. And yet, love it or hate it, the fact remains that Queensland's modern architecture leaves no one unmoved. 

We invite you to get Hot and Bothered about the architecture of modern Queensland. Tell us about a building you love. Help us to identify the hidden gems of Queensland modernism. What buildings are currently under threat? Which ones we should save? Lets start the debate.

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