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Figures of Motion and Forms of Laughter: reflecting on the sculpture of Len Lye from the discipline of Architecture

  • Kate Linzey
Project Timeframe: 2008-

Kate's thesis explores the kinetic sculptures of artist Len Lye (1901-1980). Lye defined his sculpture in terms of 'figures of motion': the unique gestural signature of energy-as-movement which expressed how 'one thing becomes different from other things'. Such gestures are the life-signs, Lye argued, from which any form, such as a building, is the historical after-life. The thesis will come to argue that laughter is an important 'figure of motion' in Lye's work, one which is both the best of life (in terms of Lye's philosophy of Individual Happiness Now) and the most elusive to built form.

Related Publications: 
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