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Emily Pugh

Emily is an active researcher in the field of digital cultural heritage at the Getty Research Institute.  Together with the Getty's Imaging and Digital Media Architect Chris Edwards, Emily has pioneered the use of 3D scans and renderings as tools of analysis in architectural history.  Most notable is the scanning of the interior of Hans Scharoun’s Berlin Philharmonic (1960–63).  This has led to the development of metadata standards and standards for digitising architectural models and making them available through custom user interfaces.  This has also resulted in the development of methodological models for the use 3D renderings as subjects of architectural research, as well as models for digitally publishing the resulting scholarship and data sets.  The development of standards and use of laser scanning as an architectural research tool is of particular benefit for work currently being conducted within the School and the broader architectural profession.

While at ATCH Emily will be working on a new project: “The Architectural Image in the Digital Age: Understanding Buildings in 3D.”

Emily will be visiting from September 28 to October 27

Year Visited: 2019