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Dr. Tom Brigden

Dr. Tom Brigden comes to us from the University of Newcastle. Tom is a practicing conservation architect based between offices in York, London and Melbourne, Australia, and is currently on a three year fellowship funded by the Leverhulme Trust. During this time Tom is working on a book project for the Royal Institute of British Architects which unpicks the history of the idea of the ‘protected vista’ in urban planning policy, in particular the protection of views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Tom’s research traces the origins of current policy in the eighteenth century aesthetic convention of the ‘picturesque’, via its various guises in landscape art, architecture, urban design and the ‘townscape’ movement of the 1960s.

 During his stay, Tom will be extend his PhD research : The Protected Vista: An Intellectual and Cultural History, As Seen from Richmond Hill. Working with Prof. John Macarthur, he will work on ideas of the Picturesque and the role of view protection in contemporary heritage policy


Year Visited: 2017