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Dr Julian Raxworthy

Email: j.raxworthy@qut.edu.au

Julian Raxworthy is a landscape architect and Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture in the School of Design at QUT. His research concerns change in landscape architecture, with a particular focus on how landscape materials, notably plants are, or can be, designed to transform over time. After considering operative definitions of change, his research addresses two areas – Gardening and Building. The first, “Gardening” considers how growth is accounted for in planting design and then how maintenance activity to achieve that growth can be a creative activity. The second part, “Building” considers both building as a process, and how hard landscape materials can change performance over time and also cause changes to conditions surrounding them. His thesis will conclude by suggesting that landscape architecture should move from architecture to gardening, returning to techniques and activity in time rather than designing in static representation.

Year Completed: 2013

Project: Novelty in the entropic landscape: Landscape architecture, gardening and change