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Distance Looks Back 2019

Sunday, 7 July 2019

ATCH researchers, PhD Candidates, Adjuncts and Past Visiting Fellows will present 16 papers at the forthcoming annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand and EAHN (European Architecture History Network) themed conference: Distance Looks Back hosted by the School of Architecture at the University of Sydney this week.  Papers include:

1.    Nicole Sully: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Apathy of Distance and the Civil Defense of Western Australia during WWII

2.    Elizabeth Musgrave: Between Myth and Reality: Constructing a Modern Architectural Identity in Rural Queensland

3.    Susan Holden and Rosemary Willink: Exhibiting Destruction: Looking Back From Robin Hood Gardens: A Ruin in Reverse, 2018 to the Destruction of the Country House, 1974

4.    Elke Couchez: Decorating Distance: Civic Dispositions in Non-professional Environmental Education

5.     Macarena de la Vega de León: Mediating History With Modern Architecture Since 1900

6.    Andrew Wilson: The Tecton Group and the Architects’ Group: Residues of Collective Practice

7.    Antony Moulis: Reinterpreting Urban Housing in Post-War Australia Through Le Corbusier’s ‘Murondins’

8.    Ashley Paine: Theatricality and the Reconstruction of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel

9.   John Macarthur: Architecture ‘In the Service of Clouds’: The Picturesque and Aquatint


10.  Janina Gosseye and Donald Watson. ETH Zürich and University of Queensland: Architects on the Verge: Distance in Proximity at ‘The Pleasures of Architecture’


11.  Kirsty Volz: Architecture as an Act of Service: Reframing the Careers of Women Architects Working For the Queensland Public Service in the Interwar Period

12.  Lloyd Jones: Roots in the Most Unlikely of Places: Reconsidering the Queensland Art Gallery

13.  Paul Dielemans: 'Moderately Modern': The Long Distance Reading of Modern Dutch Architecture by a Queensland Architect

14.  Lisa Marie Daunt: Communities of Faith: Regional Queensland’s Innovative Modern Post-War Church Architecture


15.  Sven Sterken & Lisa Marie Daunt: KU Leuven and University of Queensland: From Austria to Australia: Three Lutheran Churches by Karl Langer

16.  Ayano Toki & Mamiko Miyahara: Tohoku University and Saga University: Approaches to the Bungalow Beyond Time and Distance: Notes of Comparison Between India, United Kingdom, and Australia

For full information of the conference see: http://distance2019.sydney/