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Dilrabo Tosheva

Email: d.tosheva@uq.net.au

Dilrabo Tosheva is an architectural historian and Ph.D. student under the supervision of Manu P. Sobti. She holds Master of Science Degree (2017) in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (USA), Master’s (2010) and Bachelor Degree (2000) in History from the Bukhara State University (Uzbekistan). Before entering the Ph.D. program at UQ, Dilrabo spent a considerable amount of time in teaching world history in Uzbekistan. Dilrabo was awarded the Chancellor's Award by the UWM where she has thought history and theory of architecture and worked in the projects related to the history of Central Asia. She has presented several research papers at national and international conferences in the USA, Russia and Uzbekistan. Most of her research papers focus on the syncretic urban culture of Central Asia and have been published. Her current research focuses on migrations, cultural memories and its translation into physical environments in the case of the Delhi Sultanate (the thirteenth –fifteenth cc).
Project: Architecture of Central Asia: Cultural Hybridity as a Model of Thinking