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Cultural Heritage Roundtable

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


You are invited to an afternoon of presentations by ATCH Research Fellows Dr. Tom Brigden, Dr. Guido Cimadomo, Dr. Maarten Liefooghe and ATCH guest Prof. Mike Robinson.

The theme of the presentations will be Cultural Heritage. 

Wednesday 26 April: 2-4 pm

Building 78, Room 2-4

All Welcome


Tom Brigden: Translating the View: Monte Mario, Rome & the View from Richmond Hill, London: What does the act of protection over a particular landscape view tell us about the society which enforces such protection?


This talk will unpick the narratives embedded within two views, the view from Monte Mario, Rome and the famed view from Richmond Hill, London, demonstrating how such narratives have been translated from one place to another. In doing so, this talk investigates how the view has been used as a means to construct and reinforce notions of political and cultural identity.

Mike Robinson: Extending Heritage Horizons: Selected Projects in the Cultural Heritage Field

This short presentation will outline the work of the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham and introduce several research projects that explore the multiple dimensions of heritage and that are integral to our philosophy of bridging the gaps between theory, practice and policy relevance.

Guido Cimadomo: New teaching methodologies related with History of Architecture courses at University of Malaga 

The experiences held at University of Malaga in the courses "History of Architecture II" and "Heritage, Landscape and Tourism" will be presented. The use of social networks like Pinterest, or PBL based on the design of renaissance or baroque projects or the design of cultural itineraries are used to foster students' active participation, academic learning and social and organizational personal growing.


Maarten Liefooghe: Curating Architecture in the Expanded Field of Historic Preservation: 1:1 Models and in Situ Interventions in Contemporary Architecture Exhibitions

This larger project studies contemporary architectural exhibits as conceptual and practical experiments and possible models for alternative approaches to key problems in the conservation, restoration, and mediation of architectural heritage. In this roundtable presentation, Maarten Liefooghe will sketch an outline of the project and discuss his current research into different understandings of ‘in situ’ in architecture exhibitions.