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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

From the 5-8 July 2017, ATCH scholars and affiliates will present at Quotation: the 34th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand. The conference is hosted by the Architecture Program, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia.

Papers include:

Elementary my dear Watson?  Don Watson’s TAFE 1992-97:Janina Gosseye

Before Scarborough: John Andrews in the office of Parkin Associates 1959-1961:Paul Walker and Antony Moulis

The Met Breuer: From Sculpture to Art Museum and Back Again:Rosemary Willink

Quotation in the Architects’ Sketchbook: Analysing Nell McCredie’s Sketchbook.Kirsty Volz

“The Pleasures Functions of Architecture”: Post modern architecture and the “culture of flimsiness” in Queensland: Elizabeth Musgrave

Tradition in Mid-Century Houses of Shinohara and Kikutake:Marika Neustupny

The Semblance of Use: history, function and aesthetics in the Serpentine Pavilions:John Macarthur

Rethinking Replicas: Temporality and the Reconstructed Pavilion: Ashley Paine and Susan Holden

To be with architecture is all we ask: A critical history of the Serpentine Summer Pavilion:Susan Holden

Following the Folly: Quoting, constructing and historicising paper architecture: Annalise Varghese

Australia’s Big Dilemma: Regional/National Identities, Heritage Listing and Big Things: Amy Clarke

Quoting Ian Ferrier (1928-2000) Contributing to Queensland’s post-war modern church architecture: Lisa Marie Daunt

Revisiting Quotations: Regionalism in Historiography: Macarena De La Vega De Leon

Comparative (Post) Colonialisms: Residential School Architectures in Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand: Andrew P. Steen