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Monday, 29 June 2015

ATCH will be well represented at the SAHANZ (Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand) annual conference with the  group collectively presenting 11 papers. These include.

Andrew Steen, “Guerrilla in the midst: The Universitas Project and a new type of institution.”

Antony Moulis and Georgina Russell, “Design as Remedial Practice: John Andrews International Educational Projects in Queensland 1972‐ 1980.”

Ashley Paine, “Institutional Polychromy, The Striped Architecture of Don Watson and Spence Jamieson.”

Deborah van der Plaat, Susan Holden, Naomi Stead and Kelly Greenop, “Re-evaluating the Australian Dream: Narratives of high-rise living in Torbreck.”

John Macarthur, “Architecture, HEAT and the government of culture.”

Michael M. Kahn and Ashley Paine, “The Decorated Synagogue: Architectural appropriation and assimilation at Atlanta’s Temple.”

Naomi Stead, “The Brisbane Effect: GOMA and the Architectural Competition for a New Institutional Building.”

Nicole Sully, '"Washington Monument Syndrome": The monument as political hostage in the United States of America'

Sandra Kaji-O'Grady & Chris Smith, “Unquiet darkness: Institutions, Information and Impressive Hauteur.”

Silvia Michili, “Understanding Brisbane’s urban change: The making of public and institutional spaces in South Bank from Expo ‘88 to the G20."

Susan Holden: “The Institutionalisation of Campus Planning in Australia: Wally Abraham and the Development of Macquarie University 1964? 1982”