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ATCH at SAH 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

ATCH convened two sessions atat the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) 71st Annual International Conference in Saint Paul, MN, April 18–22, 2018. The session convened by Ashley Paine and Susan Holden was: “Alternative Histories of the Pavilion” was part of a larger research project being undertaken through an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant, titled: Is Architecture Art: A history of categories, concepts and recent practices” in which we have been investigating the contemporary pavilion phenomenon. With a range of international speakers, the session papers examined case studies from the 1850s to the 1960s from geographically diverse locations, and aimed to open up alternative histories of the pavilion that bring to light over-looked issues raised by the contemporary phenomenon–including: 

  • the evolution of architecture as a subject of exhibitions and curation;
  • the role of the pavilion as a regulatory measure and vehicle for cultural exchange;
  • and to explore the role of function, temporality and scale in how we define the pavilion today.

Chris Landorf and Kelly Greenop convened the session "Digitizing Architectural Heritage: What Role History?", based on their extensive research for the "digital cultural heritage: FUTURE VISIONS" project 

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