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ATCH at the 6th International Network of Tropical Architecture Conference

The ATCH Research Centre will be hosting the following session at the 6th International Network of Tropical Architecture conference on this years conference theme, Tropical Storms as a Setting for Adaptive Development and Architecture.  The session will be chaired by Deborah van der Plaat and papers will be given by Cathy Keys, Elizabeth Musgrave and Andrew Wilson

Triumph of the Tropics? The Architectural Sciences and Queensland Architecture (1945-1975).

Indeed generally, in Asia, Africa, and America, the external world is more formidable than in Europe. This holds good not only of the fixed and permanent phenomena, such as mountains, and other great natural barriers, but also of occasional phenomena, such as earthquakes, tempests, hurricanes, pestilances; all of which are in those regions very frequent, and very disastrous. These constant and serious dangers produce an effect analogous to those caused by the Sublimity of nature, in so far that in both cases there is a tendency to increase the Imagination. For the peculiar province of the imagination being to deal with the unknown, every event which is unexplained, as well as important, is a direct stimulus to our imaginative faculties. In the tropics, events of this kind are more numerous than elsewhere; it therefore follows that in the tropics the imagination is most likely to triumph.

                        - Henry Thomas Buckle, History of Civilisation in England, 3 volumes, Grant Richards, reprinted, London, 1903-1904, originally published 1857, 87.

The aim of this session is to examine the rise of the Architectural Sciences in architecture in post-war Queensland. Papers consider the work and writings of individuals associated with the group, its projects and influence throughout Australia and Asia. Of particular interest are the connections to international practices (Drew,
Fry and Königsberger) and global networks (Colombo Plan and Melbourne School of Tropical Architecture). Papers also consider influential “local discourses” on the
tropics, acclimatisation, settlement and sub-tropical housing and their continuing impact on the group.

The conference will be held at the University of Florida, Gainesville, from 1 -3 December.  For more information including paper abstracts please click here