Centre for Architecture Theory Criticism History
School of Architecture

Architectural Practice in Postwar Queensland (1945-1975): Building and Interpreting an Oral History Archive

  • John Macarthur (Chief Investigator)
  • Jane Hunter (CI 2)
  • Deborah van der Plaat (CI 3)
  • Andrew Wilson (CI 4)
  • Gavin Bannerman (Partner Investigator, State Library of Qld)
Project Timeframe: Australian Research Council Linkage Project 2011-13


  • State Library Qld
  • BVN Architecture
  • Conrad Gargett
  • Wilson Architects
  • Riddel Architecture

The story of Queensland’s post-war architecture is largely a tacit one. The architects who worked and studied at this time possess knowledge of the key events, buildings, practices and institutions of the period. While this information is often spoken, most commonly within the confines of the architectural community, it remains unrecorded. Documenting these historiesusing the oral history interview/digital story, the research will make explicit, for the first time, this tacit historical knowledge. Using innovative semantic web technologies, we will visually map the connections that bind these oral histories to each other and to related materials, such as drawings, photographs, books and manuscripts, to produce a new multi-media resource on Queensland architecture and design.

The Digital Archive for Queensland Architecture is funded through an ARC Linkage grant and is a collaboration between the Centre for Architecture Theory Criticism History in the School of Architecture and the eResearch Group in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland, the State Library of Queensland, Wilson Architects, BVN-Donovan Hill Architecture, Riddel Architecture and Conrad Gargett Architecture.

Collaborators on this project are: Professor John Macarthur, Dr Deborah van der Plaat, Andrew Wilson, Adjunct Professor Don Watson, Adjunct Professor Robert Riddel and Dr Janina Gosseye at the School of Architecture (UQ) and Professor Jane Hunter and Andrae Muys at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (UQ).

Visit our online resource under construction at: www.qldarch.net



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