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Annalise Varghese

Email: annalise.varghese@uqconnect.edu.au

Annalise is a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland and part of the Australia Research Council funded project “Is Architecture Art? A history of categories, concepts and recent practices.” Annalise completed both her Bachelor of Architectural Design and her Masters of Architecture at the University of Queensland, and was keen to return to further her research in architectural theory, aesthetics and the phenomenon of “affect”. Annalise’s prior research for her 2015 Masters Thesis investigated architecture’s potential to generate “affect”, and how the projected affective moods of post-structuralist and formless architecture operate in contemporary aesthetic and affective domains. For her PhD, Annalise is researching the role of architectural “affect” in shaping views towards architecture as art, or not as art. If one assumes that architecture may engender an affective response due to the spatial relationships it is capable of creating, what changes when these architectural affects are categorized as art within the controlled context of an exhibition? Architectural affect will be analysed in terms of how it influences perceptions of architecture as distinct from other art forms, or either privileges or confronts the expectation for architecture to fulfil certain social, pragmatic, cultural, structural and environmental criteria.