Centre for Architecture Theory Criticism History
School of Architecture

Acculturation and Built Environment: Australian dwellings and adaptation of the Lebanese community’s cultural needs

  • Maram Shaweesh
  • Dr. Kelly Greenop
  • Dr. Silvia Micheli
Project Timeframe: August, 2019

Being the primary setting par excellence, a dwelling (as a form of built environment) plays an influential role in shaping the acculturation experience of immigrants and minority groups in Australia. The spatial character of a dwelling carries meanings that have facilitated the adjustment of migrants’ life in a new society.However, having to adapt in  non-culturally responsive dwellings can negatively affect their residential satisfaction which can lead to number of undesired consequences such as crowding, stress, illnesses and unhealthy practices as the occupants try to fit their cultural needs into the offered dwellings. This project will focus on the Lebanese community in Australia,  the influence of their culture on achieving residential satisfaction, methods of adaptation and the implications of non-culturally responsive designs on the Lebanese community members.