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Aalto beyond Finland. Architecture and Design

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The 2nd Alvar Aalto Researchers Network Seminar ‘Aalto beyond Finland. Architecture and Design’ presents a comprehensive survey of the impact of Aalto’s architectural and design works abroad, highlighting thematic commonalities and connections among different international experiences. The rich body of papers produced by scholars from different countries is an extraordinary attempt to illustrate the international environment in which Aalto worked from the beginning of his career, how his genius for making contacts made him a 'citizen of the world' and how foreign cultures affected his design method. At the same time, the research is revealing of the internationalisation of Aalto and his work, shedding light on the cultural exchange occurring between Finland and the world in 20th and 21st centuries. The Seminar is convened by Esa Laaksonen, Silvia Micheli and Aino Niskanen.

Aalto beyond Finland. Architecture and Design, Silvia Micheli and Esa Laaksonen eds (Helsinki: Alvar Aalto Foundation, 2015); ISBN: 978-952-5498-35-6